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To maintain a playful spirit. When I was in elementary school, I remember climbing up the slopes of a hill by grabbing onto the weeds, exploring air-raid shelters, and catching creatures in the river. It's more than just memories; it's by creating art that I can really bring those experiences back to life. Playing outside, the woods were always so cool and at times chilly. I remember being so surprised when I accidentally touched a bug while resting against a tree. Whenever I played in the river, I'd always walk barefoot. The same river felt differently in different places; some parts were cold, while others were warm. The texture of the soil also varied greatly – some parts were slippery and would smoke while walking over them. Playing outside wasn't always pleasant; there were plenty of times when it felt uncomfortable. But what I love most is feeling all these sensations during the creative process. I look forward to continuing to play and create, to keep discovering and experiencing new things.


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